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Collect 20 More Delicious Pie Blocks & Recipes
Perfect for Holiday Baking!

Ready for some Food, Quilting, and Fun?
From December 1st - December 15th, you will get all three!

The Holiday FabShop Hop brings you Piecing & Pies; 20 different pie recipes with coordinating quilt blocks that will keep your mouth watering, fingers sewing, and oven baking during the holiday season.

The bonus bunnies and pie blocks with recipes are moving around to different shops continually. They circulate randomly through the "Prize Verification Confirmation Page." This page appears after you have successfully clicked on a youfoundit bunny and registered for prizes on the "Prize Verification Page."

You may need to “re-hop” to find all 20 blocks with recipes. You can keep searching for blocks even if you have already found all the youfoundit bunnies for the December FabShop Hop. Just visit the shops again. When you find a block, click on the block to download a PDF of a block and assembly instructions.

Also, check your list of visited shops in your member area to re-download block and recipes pdfs you have missed downloading.

Remember the blocks with recipes are randomly moving around all the time, so you may need to check the shops more than once to find them all—a great reason to revisit your favorite shops!

Great Prizes!

Mystery Box

Register at ALL of the participating shops to win one of two grand prizes! Learn more...

First Place

Register at 75 of the participating shops to receive a prize valued at $175! Learn more...

Second Place

Register at 65 of the participating shops to receive a prize valued at $25! Learn more...

Gift Certificates

Register at 65 participating shops to win a promotional gift certificate! Learn more...

Bonus Bunnies

Register at ALL of the participating shops, plus find 10 bonus bunnies for a random prize drawing entry! Learn more...

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