Come FabShop Hop!
Collect all 12 bonus blocks!

It's National Little League Month! Celebrate with us by collecting all 12 Home Run Bonus Blocks! It will be a 'Grand Slam' of a time!! You won't want to 'Strike Out' on this exciting event!

Collect all 12 bonus blocks for the month of September only! When you register the ‘YouFoundIt’ bunny, the prize verification page will let you know when you find a bonus block! You can download then or later in your Member Area. These bonus blocks are only available in your member area during the month of September, so make sure to download them right away!
Note: There will be no bonus bunnies for the month of September.

 Step 1: Sign Up Step 2: Tour Shops
 Step 3: Find Bunny Step 4: Enter to Win 
Tour all the shops participating in the August FabShop Hop! At each site, search for the white bunny with the teal and orange background that says 'YouFoundIt!' September 1-30, 2018. When you find it; click on the image and complete the prize registration page - enter your email address and click the "register for prizes" button. Once you have done that you will receive an email confirmation that you successfully registered at that site. Then continue shopping on that site or hop to the next one on the List of Shops.

You can also view the shops you have visited and the ones you need to visit in your Member Area.

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Come FabShop Hop with us for a chance to win amazing prizes! We love our sponsors! Click on an image below to get hopping!


Color Influence
by: Marcus Fabrics

Download Color Influence by Marcus Fabrics
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...the trade organization for independent quilt and fabric retailers.

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Vancouver, WA 98682-0003

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